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KCRW is not a radio station the future of public media

Why Now?

KCRW stands at the threshold of its most significant transformation yet. The full impact of the KCRW Media Center will be realized only when KCRW can invest in new content that better serves our audience. KCRW will raise $10M from this Campaign to support the KCRW Programming and Technology Fund. This Fund will give KCRW the resources to create new technologies and programming that engages and inspires our audiences — on-air, online, and in person.

“All great new Internet companies are striving for what KCRW delivers every day, which is the discovery of something new. Whether it’s a great new band or restaurant, or important trend or event, KCRW delivers all this while continually adapting to emerging technologies that anticipate where its audience will be in the future.”

Shawn Colo, Former KCRW Board member; Co-founder, Demand Media

KCRW is not a radio station the perfect host.

We support artists and thinkers, as well as public and private cultural institutions, and make introductions for our passionate audience hungry for new music and ideas.

“KCRW is a vital cultural treasure for Los Angeles. Whether it’s ideas or music, KCRW engages the culturally curious, and ever younger and more diverse audiences so important to LACMA and the future of our city.”

Michael Govan, CEO and Wallis Annenberg Director, Los Angeles County Museum of Art

KCRW is not a radio station an all-access pass

KCRW provides daily access to the creative and intellectual life of one of the 21st century’s most vital regions. Only KCRW creates and curates a unique mix of content driven by the spirit of LA, delivered in innovative ways to diverse, curious communities around the corner and around the world.

“It’s hard to believe Los Angeles used to have a reputation for being devoid of culture. Today the film, literary, art, design and fashion worlds come together in this city and nourish each other. I’ve witnessed this firsthand because of KCRW. We have to ensure KCRW continues to provide all of us with this from row seat.”

Elvis Mitchell, Film Critic & Host of KCRW’s The Treatment

KCRW is not a radio station an independent voice

KCRW is not beholden. KCRW hosts a fair and balanced public conversation about issues of local and national importance. Our nonprofit status and broad base of listener support help us sustain a breed of journalism that feeds the soul of a democratic society. Our independence matters.

“KCRW is a significant part of my daily routine. On my way to and from my second grade classroom, KCRW helps me make sense of our world today, which in turn helps me prepare my students for the world of tomorrow.”

Marissa Nadjarian, elementary school teacher and KCRW listener

KCRW is Busting at the Seams

The move to a new building is about necessities, not niceties. For 35 years KCRW has expanded in extremely cramped basement studios and four satellite offices throughout Santa Monica College. During that time our workforce has grown from a staff of two dozen employees to 125 employees and over 1,000 volunteers. Only by going digital has KCRW been able to remain in the basement during a period of tremendous growth.

KCRW must innovate or die

Remaining the same means losing ground. This campaign will give KCRW the stability to retool and rethink the ways we create and present programs, enabling us to arrive at the future one step ahead of our passionate and expanding audience with the kind of quality programs that define KCRW.

This is our moment

Either KCRW seizes this opportunity, or it’s lost forever. In order to continue to thrive, KCRW must invest in research and development to experiment with new methods of creating and distributing programming. KCRW also must establish itself on new platforms, which may be experimental today, but will be essential tomorrow.

Ultimately, the audience loses if KCRW can’t keep pace with technology. KCRW needs to invest in programming, technology, and human capacity or it cannot continue to be KCRW.